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Welcome to the Crested Heath Database!

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Clear, Carrier, Affected

Clear, Carrier, Affected

Please have a look around and explore some of the new features. One key feature is each dog's individual page, which lists it's health informaiton, as well as that of it's parents, siblings, and offspring! Also, you have the ability to add a photo of your dog to the database for a donation of $5. This donation will help cover the costs of our hosting and domain registration. Remember, all the information is added to the database completely free of charge, the donation is ONLY for adding an image.

This site was created to be a place for breeders and owners to share health information about Chinese Cresteds. While the breed is generally healthy, there are genetic health issues that people need to be aware of. Sharing information and test results is a big step in helping the breed to be happy and healthy. We welcome all test results and information from breeders and owners. It is important to everyone to know that breeders test before buying a Crested.

The database, maintained for the welfare and betterment of the Chinese Crested breed, includes health information that is voluntarily submitted by dedicated breeders and owners worldwide. Owners are encouraged to submit all their health results free of charge.

Adding Information: Please use this form to submit new or updated listings for the database, or email crestedhealthdatabase@gmail.com with the required info (for updates, minium of the dog's name, and new test results

Adding a Photo: Please use this form to to add a dog image to the database

* All submissions must be accompanied by a copy of the results issued by the recording veterinarian or by an official body such as CERF. We prefer that you scan or photograph the health documents and send them to us as an email attachment. To prevent possible errors in the database, only clear, legible documentation can be accepted. Documents must be clear enough that there is no question as to the dog's name and the date and results of the exam. If you are submitting results other than a standard AVCO or CERF form, please make sure that the veterinarian's name/signature is legible.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: We are going to use OFA/Optigen policy reguarding 'by default' or by parentage clears. This means we will not accept grandchildren of tested dogs as clears. For more information please refer to http://www.offa.org/dna_cbp.html and http://www.optigen.com/opt11_faq.taf#faq3